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Windshield Repair

When do I need a Windshield Repair?

Windshields can be repaired when the chip or crack is smaller then 4 inches, you have 3 chips or less and the damage is not in front of a camera or sensor.
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Windshield Repair: About

How to prepare for a chip repair

It is best to avoid washing the vehicle during hotter temperatures and to keep the vehicle in a shaded area prior to repairing the glass to minimize the possibility of the windshield cracking out during the repair process. Repairs typically take up to 30 minutes, but vary depending on weather conditions.

What do I need to know before getting a repair?

Getting a repair is a great alternative to having to get a full windshield replacement. It is very cost effective and can save you hundreds of dollars. A chip repair saves you the burden of having to replace your entire windshield. 
While chip repairs are great when it comes to saving you time and money you should be aware that the chip will not completely disappear. If the chip is in your line of sight and is bothering you while driving then we suggest getting a replacement because the chip will still be visible after the repair. The purpose of the chip repair is to attempt to restore the structural integrity of the glass. However, since it is a broken piece of glass spreading can occur during the actual repair process. Once the repair has been completed successfully there is also still a chance that it could spread in the future. Cold and hot temperatures can both cause a chip to spread, impact to the windshield can cause the chip to spread and many other natural elements.

What should I do if my chip spreads after it has already been repaired?

Once a chip has been repaired it can no longer be repaired on again. If spreading occurs a replacement will be needed. Since a repair is just an attempt to stop the chip from spreading and there is no 100% guarantee that the chip will stay intact we are unable to warranty the chip repair. However, if a chip spreads after the repair has been completed the money spent on the repair will be taken off the cost of a full replacement.

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